Disney Costumes

When incorporating the adoration of fancy dress costumes with the love of Disney heroes, normally grownups ask themselves exactly what they can put on. Simply because they would not like to show up idiotic, juvenile or perhaps like they are putting on their little one´s costumes. Common fancy dress costumes for kids such as the teacup from the “Beauty and the Beast” or Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” are obviously not ideal for adults. There are, of course, several options for youngsters or teenagers such as characters from the “Alice in the Wonderland”. Even though the character of Alice may be regarded as acceptable in the area of costumes for adults, there are definitely a lot more suitable and exciting adult Disney costumes that can convey just any kind of disposition or look you may would like to have. The following are a couple of suggestions for female and male Disney costumes for adult characters and grownups. These suggestions are also recommended to children also.

If you would like to show off your elegance and boost up your feminity, there are lots of alternatives from Disney catalogue. In this sense, the very first portrayal of splendor that usually pertains to mind is the character Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”. If you opt to spice up as this character, your companion should act the role of the beast. Sleeping Beauty and the Prince are an excellent option for pairs, permitting the two of them to show up in a traditional look as well as rewarding respectively. Another Disney costume that is worth to describe is Snow White. This is the kind of costume people prefer if they wish to show up pretty. When it comes to males, they can also spice up as the Prince, and friends and kids can take part in this game as any of the 7 dwarfs. The character of Cinderella and her royal prince can come up with a number of quality costumes for men and women. Other friends can spice up the drama choosing other characters of the story. Probably the most conventional figures from one of the current Disney films is the “Toy story 3”. Females can play the role of Barbie and their partners can offer them a very beautiful Barbie Disney costume for them.

disney costumes men women

If you prefer to play wicked characters, then you should explore the possibilities of the Evil Queen of “Snow White”. Chances are you will keep in mind the wicked queen regularly stared into the wonder mirror and asking “Mirror… mirror on the wall….”. At the same time, an excellent companion for this character could be to play the role of the Magic mirror. This character will fit for anyone who would love to be the companion of the evil queen. At the same time, a female can also play the role of the other incarnation of the wicked queen, the other woman who took the poisoned apple. One of the characters that will come to our mind is the Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians. Children who would love to take part in this drama can spice up as Dalmatians as a companion to the Cruella Disney costume. Additional evil character in this series is the figure from the “Sleeping Beauty”, Maleficent. Towards the end of the movie, Maleficient has a fantastic fight with a monster, therefore an outfit would be an excellent company to Maleficent. Lastly, the important character from the “Alice in the Wonderland”, the Queen of Hearts, could offer an excellent opportunity for children to dress up as Dormouse, Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee and Cheshire cat.

Hot Disney costumes are favorites during the Halloween time for girls. Even though these type of costumes are mostly aimed toward kids, still offers several choices for people who want to wear hot Disney costumes. The Jasmine dress-up costume “Aladdin” could be the best one to expose or display plenty of skin. Needless to say, one of the handsome men Disney outfits is the main character of the story Aladdin. Yet another dress-up costume that enables for the show up of more body parts and less clothing is a Pocahontas dress. This dress is comparatively very easy to find and wear. Lastly, an additional costume that could be considered as very sexy from this series is the character Jane from “Tarzan”.

Another interesting Disney costume here is the character tomboy from the story Peter Pan. Girls can show up as Tinkerbell, and those who give company to Tinkerbell can take the costume of any of the children from the famous “Peter Pan”. For a far more exclusive costume and characters that do not look like mankind, try out Wall-E and Eve robots. Both of these characters are from the famous movie Wall-E.

In short, there are several Disney costumes to spice up your parties and events.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the best time of the year for some people, but the worst time of the year for others. And not because Halloween is not fun, because is great, but because you have to go through so much trouble to find the perfect costume! Since dressing up is the main idea of Halloween after all, this should be fun and entertaining, but when you are working on a tight budget, there are less costume ideas to choose from. So how can you resolve this? Just give up on celebrating Halloween this year? No way! You can find fun Halloween costume ideas without spending much.

Social studies have shown that an average person spends about $77 on a Halloween costume, and the majority of people just buy those costumes. But some Halloween costumes are just too expensive, and the cheap ones just look, well, cheap. So how can you solve this issue?

halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes do not have to be expensive to look good, and the good news is you can do it by yourself! How about some great tips on how to dress on Halloween this year and have fun at the same time? You won`t spend much money, so you will have enough for candies and treats as well. Are you ready to have the secret revealed?

  • Use some real clothing – Most Halloween costumes can be made of real clothes, especially the children clothing. The good news is those clothes can be worn on a daily basis after the party. So, if you hit one of the big supermarkets, you will see that they have good offers on colored shorts or thighs. These are usually the base for most of the Halloween costumes, and you can use them after as well.
  • Use your skills wisely – If you are a craft person, that is great, but if you have never touched a scissors, then you should stay away from too creative ideas. Choose a Halloween costumes that will match your skills, and do not try too much and too complicated from the first try!
  • Get the key accessories – If you are looking for an authentic look with the costumes you want to create, then you might want to get some of the key accessories needed. For example, for a princess costume, you will need a tiara and gloves, obviously! You do not need to spend much on a killer costume, but details do matter.
  • Go cheap or go home – You need to spend only a few bucks on materials, because the costumes will be worn for one night only anyway. So, buy cheap materials and get creative with them. You can also look for sales and coupons, because they can be a great help! If you find a national craft store that has sales, do not hesitate!

These are about the best tips you can get when it comes to Halloween costumes. Now, which are the best costumes you can make for this Halloween? Here are some great ideas for you!

The Princess

If you like sewing and you are good at it, you can design your child, or even for yourself, a princess dress! You can choose your favorite color and start sewing! Choose cheap materials and do not forget about key accessories a princess must definitely have! You can choose cotton fabric for the dress, and add some crinoline to it. You can impress everyone at the party without spending much on a crinoline dress, by using no-sew tutu instead. Add in a princess want and a headband tiara and you will have the perfect Halloween costume!

The Animal

Animal costumes are very in right now, and they are easy to make as well! You can use real clothes, such as shirts and thighs to create great animal characters. For example, a black shirt, black thighs, some years and a tail make the perfect cat costume. Also, if you have a hoodie, you can easily turn it into a dinosaur costume. About any animal costume can be based on real clothing, and those clothes can be worn again in real life anytime! In order to design animal tails and ears you only need sewing skills and time!

The Scary Ghost

For the scary ghost costume you need a basic white sheet and a black marker. Cut the sheet where it hits the floor, and then sew it a few inches higher so you or your child don`t trip on it. Also, ask someone to point out where the eyes are, and then just make two holes there and accentuate them with black marker to make the costume scarier. This costume is appropriate for children and adults, because is a classic, timeless costume that never gets old. Everybody loves it, it is cheap, easy to make and easy to wear!

Cheerleader Costumes

Cheerleadercheerleader costume costumes are standardised outfits that are won by cheerleaders during a particular sporting event. However, they are also worn during special events such as commemorations and Independence Day celebrations. Because of their versatility in usage and importance, they have grown to become one of the most popular outfits that are available on the market today. As such, the design and making of cheerleader costumes has become a very lucrative business venture capable of generating huge sums of profits. In general, designers of these costumes aim at making the person wearing the costume to be as attractive as possible. This is one of the major aims when designing a cheerleader costume and it is often worth taking into account when selecting the costume. Ever since cheerleading came on the scene, it has mainly been associated with males.

However, there are a few males who have been reported to have taken part in the activity. To say the least, the cases of males cheerleading at a particular major national event or sporting event are quite few and perhaps unreported. Today, the activity has been dominated by females. This applies to all cheerleading bands across the entire globe. Cheerleader bands often constitute teenage females and a few girls in their twenties.

Cheerleader outfits emerged on the scene as far as the early 1900s. Ever since they were introduced to the general public, they have continued to attract a lot of attention from spectators across the entire globe. Today, it is almost impossible to come across a major national event or sporting event without cheerleaders. In the case of national events, cheerleader groups may be multiple. Therefore, you can find more than one type of cheerleader outfit at a national event.

various cheerleader costumes

If a cheerleader group is affiliated to a particular organisation, its group members will wear outfits that somewhat represent that organisation. This is also true when it comes to a major sporting event involving two or more teams. Cheerleader outfits that are worn during sporting activities involving two teams often possess colours that are consistent with the teams involved. In most cases, there is a cheerleading group for each contending team. Therefore, the outfits represent the colours of the jerseys worn by the team members. Under normal circumstances, cheerleader costumes are supposed to have a colour that is consistent with the teams that are being cheered. This explains why most high profile sporting teams and organisations design their own cheerleader outfits. There are also outfits that are custom made.

What factors do you have to take into account if you are selecting a cheerleader uniform? This applies to a person who wants to buy a cheerleader outfit from a nearby store. In most cases, it is vital to take into account the actual use of that outfit. After all, choosing a wrong outfit will obviously jeopardise the activity for which you intend to use it. Therefore, it is always important to take into account all the appropriate factors when buying or designing a cheerleader outfit. Today, these outfits are mainly worn for highly athletic purposes. Therefore, the goal is to make them as durable as possible. For example, cheerleaders now have to run and make several movements that can cause the material of their outfits to wear out. Take your time to choose an outfit that is made of a material that is durable. If you are not an expert at choosing durable costumes, seek help from anyone who has enough information and experience on the matter.

Today, almost all outfits for cheer leaders are short dresses or skirts coupled with a short sleeved shirt. In some cases, the costumes mainly constitute skirts and long sleeved shirts with fringes or laces for styling purposes. Since most cheerleaders have to make a variety of complicated movements such as acrobatics and certain stunts, it is always important to wear short outfits. It is also advisable to wear outfits that are able to fit tightly to the body. Cheerleader outfits are not only supposed to satisfy their actual purpose, but they are also supposed to meet the elegance requirements. Almost all cheerleaders are females and every girl wishes to look good. Therefore, all costumes must be able to enhance the beauty of the wearer involved. Common examples of outfits for cheerleaders include short skirts with sleeveless tops, short dresses with sleeveless tops or short skirts with sports bras and a tank top just underneath the bra.

Cheerleaders have to ensure that the colour of their outfits matches that of their shoes. This is very important because it often enhances the appearance of the cheerleader involved. In some cases, it is better to use an outfit that forms a certain pattern with shoes. What matters is how you combine the colour of the shoes with that of the overall outfit.

70s costumes

Probably, one of the most thrilling years of the past is the 1970’s. With hippie revolution and disco inferno, it truly is no surprise that everyone is heading retro with the costumes of 70’s! If you have recently been called to attend a 70’s dress-up costume party, below are a few 1970’s outfits you can have a try.

i. Disco had been one of many key events happening in the 70’s. For a cool 1970’s dress up, think about the style of John Travolta while trying to attend a Saturday night party. Using vibrant colors on cloths is something special during 1970’s. You can also opt to put on a mix of colors that might typically be scrawled upon today. Go with a 3 piece suit, which is designed using synthetic tissue, for instance, polyester. Specifically, select a suit that has a high rist jacket that’s vast lapels. Couple this up with a set of bell bottoms or flared trousers, stitched close to the booty, seethed out across the knee area. You may also want to pick a few vibrant colored trousers as well as cut the external seams for making it look like a bell bottom. When it comes to shoes or boots, platform boots or shoes are the ideal option. Sole with white platform had been an exceptionally popular option in the 70’s.

70s costumesii. Hippy revolution and Woodstock ended up being a significant factor back in the 70’s. And that’s why hippie dress ups are a well-known selection for 1970s dress up costume events. If you are going to use hippy costumes for a night party, do not forget to pick psychedelic colors. When it comes to men, they can look for a vintage t-shirt having a peace emblem printed on it as well as couple it up with bell bottom trousers, bright in color. Another popular choice is a tie-dyed shirt. The selection of these costumes depends highly on your taste. It’s also possible to decide to wear a jacket over your attire. When it comes to women, a short dress with bright colors is, of course, a guaranteed approach to win everybody’s focus or interest. Choosing footwear is really easy. They can opt for flip-flops or shoes. Women can likewise put on bright color boots to complement their psychedelic clothes. Make up your long hair as well as use costumes to get that 70 model punch. An awesome effect is to be clothed in tea tones or sunglasses that are somewhat translucent. Be sure to display the peace symbol wherever you go.

iii. During 1970’s, one of the most important music bands is the Beatles. They are at their peak during those 10 years. The band is made up of four skilled music artists. If you are in search for the 1970’s costumes, Beatles can help you get some great dress-up ideas for Saturday parties. In case, you as well as three of your close friends are likely to attend a 1970 eve and are looking for the proper collection to get the attraction of people, wearing the costumes of Beatles is the ultimate way to head out. Vintage Beatles outfit is comprised of dark-colored suit put over white-colored long-sleeved t-shirt. During these occasions, people also wear a dark-colored necktie to give an added flair to the costume. You can also try to get a hairpiece to complement the hair-style of 1970’s and the Beatles members.

iv. Accessories play an important role while choosing seventies costumes. During those thrilling days, the widely used hair-styles had been Afros, the pompadours and shag hair cut for men and for women; it had been either long straight hair or permed hair. Again for men, they may want to put on a bogus moustache, and this can be bought at your local store. During those days, people were found of fake eyelashes or bright colors. Using glitters over the body will create a shiny look and lastly be clothed in gold necklace or chain around the neck.

v. Beyond Beatles, there were several rock music groups that were at the peak those days. In this sense, ABBA had been an excellent bastion of 1970’s music industry, however, there had been a number of other rock band teams from where you can take the best costumes for your parties. All those groups were iconic symbol that represents those years. Great examples of these years are T-Rex, Elton John and David Bowie.

vi. The pimps are a different type of fancy dress costumes of the seventies. The fashion is simply named as the Pimp fashion. These groups had been notorious for the crazy outfits these people dressed in, which incorporated wearing colorful suits and strutting along with their bright-colored accessories.

These are just some great costumes during the seventies. If you do a deep research, you will find more thrilling fashion ideas that will make you feel unique. Or you can also read about the 80s costumes here.

80s Costumes – What do they look like

Usually, when Halloween is about to come, everybody gets crazy about Halloween costumes. Is like your mind gets blank and you cannot decide which costume to wear at the Halloween party you are going to attend. There are millions of ideas, but considering you should know what you want, you should choose a certain style for you. Are you the scary type? Or do you like real-life characters more? There is a costume for everyone, but if you feel you lack creativity or any ideas for that matter, you should go for 80s costumes. This is a fun, original and cute idea for your Halloween this year! There are many looks you can adapt for a Halloween costume, and you will further learn how to dress in the 80s style for Halloween, and which ideas for this style are the best to try! Are you ready?

Costume Ideas:
• Steve Urkel
• Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
• Buzz Lightyear
• Cher & Dionne (from “Clueless”)
• Daria & Jane
• Derek Zoolander
• Mugatu
• David Bowie (“Labrynth”)
• Bill Lumbergh (“Office Space”)
• Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace (“Pulp Fiction”)
• Stick Stickley
• Silent Bob and Jay
• Crumb (“Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”)
• Mimi and Drew Carey
• Little Pete (“The Adventures of Pete and Pete”)
• The Fresh Prince & Carlton
• Dr. Evil and Mini Me
• Helga (“Hey Arnold!”)
• Wayne & Garth
• The Mario Kart

How to dress in the 80s style after all?

The 80s style is loved by many but tried by few because it seems tricky to catch, especially if you did not lived in that period. However, you can pull it off with a few tricks and tips you can follow. So, here is some advice for you!

80s costume girlIf you are a girl:
• Get one of those “off-the-shoulder” short. You can get it plain, but get one bold color or with a logo/saying on it. If you cannot find one in the stores, you can buy a regular short and cut it on one part, so that it falls off the shoulder. You can wear a tank top underneath, preferably in a bold color as well.
• Get a pair of bright thighs to wear with the shirt. They do not have to match the color of your shirt, because nobody cared about that back in the 80s! Go for a pair of neon thighs, and you will be the star of the party!
• Add a pair of legwarmers to your look, as these were quite popular back in the 80s. You should also go for a bright color, and never try to match the colors. Go wild!
• Finish up your look with a pair of colorful Converse. If you did not know, the Converse brand was quite popular at that time, so you will not fail if you wear these. The good news is you can wear them after the party is over as well!
• When it comes to hair and make-up, you should definitely follow the 80s look. The hair should be crimped, so use one of those crimping irons, and then put your hair in a high ponytail, preferably off the side. If you do not own a crimping iron, then just tease your hair as much as you can, so is frizzy and poofy. Finish your hair up with some hairspray to hold it well. You can add a headband as well. Use colored make-up, such as blue or orange eye-shadow.
• Add a couple of neon bracelets and neon earrings to the combo and you have a complete look!

If you are a guy:

80s costumes guy• Wear a pair of baggy and ripped jeans, preferably acid-washed jeans. Borrow a pair from a friend or wear one of yours. If you cannot find a pair, you can check out the thrift stores.
• Get a super tight t-shirt in a bold color.
• The denim jacket is a must for the guys who want to dress like in the 80s. If you do not have a denim jacket, you can go for a leather jacket as well.
• The perfect “accessory” that will complete your look is the mullet. You should buy one of those mugs, in the color of your choice. This is a must-have and you should not leave home without it, especially if you are attending a Halloween party!
• Wearing a gold earring is also a nice touch to the 80s style for the guys! If you do not have your ears pierced yet, you can go for one of that clip-on earring. However, if you are unable to find any of those earrings, you can skip it, because your costume is complete without it anyway!

Do not forget that the 80s are all about joy and life, so make sure you impersonate your character well!