70s costumes

Probably, one of the most thrilling years of the past is the 1970’s. With hippie revolution and disco inferno, it truly is no surprise that everyone is heading retro with the costumes of 70’s! If you have recently been called to attend a 70’s dress-up costume party, below are a few 1970’s outfits you can have a try.

i. Disco had been one of many key events happening in the 70’s. For a cool 1970’s dress up, think about the style of John Travolta while trying to attend a Saturday night party. Using vibrant colors on cloths is something special during 1970’s. You can also opt to put on a mix of colors that might typically be scrawled upon today. Go with a 3 piece suit, which is designed using synthetic tissue, for instance, polyester. Specifically, select a suit that has a high rist jacket that’s vast lapels. Couple this up with a set of bell bottoms or flared trousers, stitched close to the booty, seethed out across the knee area. You may also want to pick a few vibrant colored trousers as well as cut the external seams for making it look like a bell bottom. When it comes to shoes or boots, platform boots or shoes are the ideal option. Sole with white platform had been an exceptionally popular option in the 70’s.

70s costumesii. Hippy revolution and Woodstock ended up being a significant factor back in the 70’s. And that’s why hippie dress ups are a well-known selection for 1970s dress up costume events. If you are going to use hippy costumes for a night party, do not forget to pick psychedelic colors. When it comes to men, they can look for a vintage t-shirt having a peace emblem printed on it as well as couple it up with bell bottom trousers, bright in color. Another popular choice is a tie-dyed shirt. The selection of these costumes depends highly on your taste. It’s also possible to decide to wear a jacket over your attire. When it comes to women, a short dress with bright colors is, of course, a guaranteed approach to win everybody’s focus or interest. Choosing footwear is really easy. They can opt for flip-flops or shoes. Women can likewise put on bright color boots to complement their psychedelic clothes. Make up your long hair as well as use costumes to get that 70 model punch. An awesome effect is to be clothed in tea tones or sunglasses that are somewhat translucent. Be sure to display the peace symbol wherever you go.

iii. During 1970’s, one of the most important music bands is the Beatles. They are at their peak during those 10 years. The band is made up of four skilled music artists. If you are in search for the 1970’s costumes, Beatles can help you get some great dress-up ideas for Saturday parties. In case, you as well as three of your close friends are likely to attend a 1970 eve and are looking for the proper collection to get the attraction of people, wearing the costumes of Beatles is the ultimate way to head out. Vintage Beatles outfit is comprised of dark-colored suit put over white-colored long-sleeved t-shirt. During these occasions, people also wear a dark-colored necktie to give an added flair to the costume. You can also try to get a hairpiece to complement the hair-style of 1970’s and the Beatles members.

iv. Accessories play an important role while choosing seventies costumes. During those thrilling days, the widely used hair-styles had been Afros, the pompadours and shag hair cut for men and for women; it had been either long straight hair or permed hair. Again for men, they may want to put on a bogus moustache, and this can be bought at your local store. During those days, people were found of fake eyelashes or bright colors. Using glitters over the body will create a shiny look and lastly be clothed in gold necklace or chain around the neck.

v. Beyond Beatles, there were several rock music groups that were at the peak those days. In this sense, ABBA had been an excellent bastion of 1970’s music industry, however, there had been a number of other rock band teams from where you can take the best costumes for your parties. All those groups were iconic symbol that represents those years. Great examples of these years are T-Rex, Elton John and David Bowie.

vi. The pimps are a different type of fancy dress costumes of the seventies. The fashion is simply named as the Pimp fashion. These groups had been notorious for the crazy outfits these people dressed in, which incorporated wearing colorful suits and strutting along with their bright-colored accessories.

These are just some great costumes during the seventies. If you do a deep research, you will find more thrilling fashion ideas that will make you feel unique. Or you can also read about the 80s costumes here.