80s Costumes – What do they look like

Usually, when Halloween is about to come, everybody gets crazy about Halloween costumes. Is like your mind gets blank and you cannot decide which costume to wear at the Halloween party you are going to attend. There are millions of ideas, but considering you should know what you want, you should choose a certain style for you. Are you the scary type? Or do you like real-life characters more? There is a costume for everyone, but if you feel you lack creativity or any ideas for that matter, you should go for 80s costumes. This is a fun, original and cute idea for your Halloween this year! There are many looks you can adapt for a Halloween costume, and you will further learn how to dress in the 80s style for Halloween, and which ideas for this style are the best to try! Are you ready?

Costume Ideas:
• Steve Urkel
• Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
• Buzz Lightyear
• Cher & Dionne (from “Clueless”)
• Daria & Jane
• Derek Zoolander
• Mugatu
• David Bowie (“Labrynth”)
• Bill Lumbergh (“Office Space”)
• Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace (“Pulp Fiction”)
• Stick Stickley
• Silent Bob and Jay
• Crumb (“Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”)
• Mimi and Drew Carey
• Little Pete (“The Adventures of Pete and Pete”)
• The Fresh Prince & Carlton
• Dr. Evil and Mini Me
• Helga (“Hey Arnold!”)
• Wayne & Garth
• The Mario Kart

How to dress in the 80s style after all?

The 80s style is loved by many but tried by few because it seems tricky to catch, especially if you did not lived in that period. However, you can pull it off with a few tricks and tips you can follow. So, here is some advice for you!

80s costume girlIf you are a girl:
• Get one of those “off-the-shoulder” short. You can get it plain, but get one bold color or with a logo/saying on it. If you cannot find one in the stores, you can buy a regular short and cut it on one part, so that it falls off the shoulder. You can wear a tank top underneath, preferably in a bold color as well.
• Get a pair of bright thighs to wear with the shirt. They do not have to match the color of your shirt, because nobody cared about that back in the 80s! Go for a pair of neon thighs, and you will be the star of the party!
• Add a pair of legwarmers to your look, as these were quite popular back in the 80s. You should also go for a bright color, and never try to match the colors. Go wild!
• Finish up your look with a pair of colorful Converse. If you did not know, the Converse brand was quite popular at that time, so you will not fail if you wear these. The good news is you can wear them after the party is over as well!
• When it comes to hair and make-up, you should definitely follow the 80s look. The hair should be crimped, so use one of those crimping irons, and then put your hair in a high ponytail, preferably off the side. If you do not own a crimping iron, then just tease your hair as much as you can, so is frizzy and poofy. Finish your hair up with some hairspray to hold it well. You can add a headband as well. Use colored make-up, such as blue or orange eye-shadow.
• Add a couple of neon bracelets and neon earrings to the combo and you have a complete look!

If you are a guy:

80s costumes guy• Wear a pair of baggy and ripped jeans, preferably acid-washed jeans. Borrow a pair from a friend or wear one of yours. If you cannot find a pair, you can check out the thrift stores.
• Get a super tight t-shirt in a bold color.
• The denim jacket is a must for the guys who want to dress like in the 80s. If you do not have a denim jacket, you can go for a leather jacket as well.
• The perfect “accessory” that will complete your look is the mullet. You should buy one of those mugs, in the color of your choice. This is a must-have and you should not leave home without it, especially if you are attending a Halloween party!
• Wearing a gold earring is also a nice touch to the 80s style for the guys! If you do not have your ears pierced yet, you can go for one of that clip-on earring. However, if you are unable to find any of those earrings, you can skip it, because your costume is complete without it anyway!

Do not forget that the 80s are all about joy and life, so make sure you impersonate your character well!