Fancy Dress Costumes

Create a Buzz with Fancy Dress Costumes

There are various ways to rejoice, and fancy dress parties have always been a benevolent way of doing the same. People of all ages; 8 to 80, take part in the frivolities, impersonating others through slight make-up and an illusion created with dresses. Here is how it all works out in regard to fancy dress costumes.

Different countries; different choices

People on different pockets of the globe are genuinely inspired by Celluloid, movies made in their low lands. Hollywood, meanwhile, is the universal inspiring body, with a number of fantasy movies and sci-fi-thrillers churned in every year. People take cue from that. People may also mix it intelligently; say, a desert guy dressing as an Eskimo or vice-versa.

The most inspiring characters

fancy dress costumes

Thus, you get people playing Superman and Spiderman donning superhero capes (right to the point of the underwear worn outside the pants). Star wars, Avatar and a number of science fictions have pumped up ideas. There have been new entrants, courtesy famous books and movies like Harry Potter series and Twilight series. There is too much water to tread there.

Men may wear long cloaks with a wand in hand (Harry Potter), or just two canine teeth jutting out of each end of lips to play Edward the vampire. Flowing beards, eye-caps, even horns egg up the scene. Women may dress up as Cat Woman, Cinderella or even Rumpelstiltskin. They may also appear like an unattractive commoner, with braids, broad-rimmed spectacles and weathered clothes.

Taking cue from real-life people

Even political and national heroes or normal characters of movies that became popular inspire. Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Button or even the beggar on the road. Actually, there is no limit to the ideas if you let your imagination float. There is even the option of mixing two looks and create magic. Such inspirations hold much water as people relive the feeling of brushing such personalities.

Children’s preferences

The options for children are somewhat limited, as they take cues from nursery rhymes, childhood stories and fantasy heroes. They sport wings, flashy shoes, pure white gown (Snow White) and same-such looks. Intelligent kids might play someone over their age, like Julius Caesar. They can even appear as the pumpkin cart made famous in Cinderella story. One of the most inspiring fancy dress costumes is Jesus Christ and his followers. There may even be a crucifixion wooden cross thrown in to good effect.

kids fancy dress costumes

Kids also have a great inclination towards cartoon character such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They may even sport a look like a vegetable or a flower to amuse their age groups. Great thing with kids is that they are always sporting and rarely play party-poopers.

Role of masks

Just like in Halloween costumes, masks also play a considerable part of fancy dress costumes. It has a unique ability to hide your person even if you are wearing general attire. In fact, a lot of fancy dress parties turn into masquerades. Ultimately, people turn up with complete strangers in the mindset that they are with someone they know.

Absorbing the scenery

Some people like to absorb the scenery around and accordingly suit themselves. The popular minister of the time, the old neighbor who takes a daily stroll past their homes; the man who sells vegetables round the corner, all of these living people become influential people. In fact, Sherlock Holmes was actually carved out by Conan Doyle, inspired by his Professor Bell. Look for ideas around and you will frequently get it.

What is your favorite idea for fancy dress costumes? Or are you going to play just yourself in a sea of impersonations?