Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the best time of the year for some people, but the worst time of the year for others. And not because Halloween is not fun, because is great, but because you have to go through so much trouble to find the perfect costume! Since dressing up is the main idea of Halloween after all, this should be fun and entertaining, but when you are working on a tight budget, there are less costume ideas to choose from. So how can you resolve this? Just give up on celebrating Halloween this year? No way! You can find fun Halloween costume ideas without spending much.

Social studies have shown that an average person spends about $77 on a Halloween costume, and the majority of people just buy those costumes. But some Halloween costumes are just too expensive, and the cheap ones just look, well, cheap. So how can you solve this issue?

halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes do not have to be expensive to look good, and the good news is you can do it by yourself! How about some great tips on how to dress on Halloween this year and have fun at the same time? You won`t spend much money, so you will have enough for candies and treats as well. Are you ready to have the secret revealed?

  • Use some real clothing – Most Halloween costumes can be made of real clothes, especially the children clothing. The good news is those clothes can be worn on a daily basis after the party. So, if you hit one of the big supermarkets, you will see that they have good offers on colored shorts or thighs. These are usually the base for most of the Halloween costumes, and you can use them after as well.
  • Use your skills wisely – If you are a craft person, that is great, but if you have never touched a scissors, then you should stay away from too creative ideas. Choose a Halloween costumes that will match your skills, and do not try too much and too complicated from the first try!
  • Get the key accessories – If you are looking for an authentic look with the costumes you want to create, then you might want to get some of the key accessories needed. For example, for a princess costume, you will need a tiara and gloves, obviously! You do not need to spend much on a killer costume, but details do matter.
  • Go cheap or go home – You need to spend only a few bucks on materials, because the costumes will be worn for one night only anyway. So, buy cheap materials and get creative with them. You can also look for sales and coupons, because they can be a great help! If you find a national craft store that has sales, do not hesitate!

These are about the best tips you can get when it comes to Halloween costumes. Now, which are the best costumes you can make for this Halloween? Here are some great ideas for you!

The Princess

If you like sewing and you are good at it, you can design your child, or even for yourself, a princess dress! You can choose your favorite color and start sewing! Choose cheap materials and do not forget about key accessories a princess must definitely have! You can choose cotton fabric for the dress, and add some crinoline to it. You can impress everyone at the party without spending much on a crinoline dress, by using no-sew tutu instead. Add in a princess want and a headband tiara and you will have the perfect Halloween costume!

The Animal

Animal costumes are very in right now, and they are easy to make as well! You can use real clothes, such as shirts and thighs to create great animal characters. For example, a black shirt, black thighs, some years and a tail make the perfect cat costume. Also, if you have a hoodie, you can easily turn it into a dinosaur costume. About any animal costume can be based on real clothing, and those clothes can be worn again in real life anytime! In order to design animal tails and ears you only need sewing skills and time!

The Scary Ghost

For the scary ghost costume you need a basic white sheet and a black marker. Cut the sheet where it hits the floor, and then sew it a few inches higher so you or your child don`t trip on it. Also, ask someone to point out where the eyes are, and then just make two holes there and accentuate them with black marker to make the costume scarier. This costume is appropriate for children and adults, because is a classic, timeless costume that never gets old. Everybody loves it, it is cheap, easy to make and easy to wear!