Halloween Costumes – dark and stark

Halloween is a pretty popular event that takes place around the world on 31st October. People feel a spirited connection with the dead and that is where the tradition of horror comes up. People appear in grossly horrifying costumes and takes from popular characters to create a buzz in parties. Halloween costumes and parties are here to stay.

Induction of color

halloween costumesThere is a considerable element of color and fusion in these parties. Red and black are in order, the colors signifying blood and darkness. Men, women and children may wear thoroughly dark clothes or black capes. It is the expression on their faces which spell terror. They may emphasize their faces with lots of powder and black spots. The lips are colored in crimson with blood appearing to trickle from their faces. In fact, people even try to mix in a revelry of colors for a graded effect; making sure that it does not infuse a sense of amusement into the getup.

Play with fires

Another favorite costume is a play with fires. They color their faces completely in black, while their eyes blaze with phosphorous. There may also be an illusion of fire, brought forth by orange crepes. The look shines up, typically in darkness. The atmosphere you may feel in a haunted house is almost recreated with tuned settings and a play with fires and shadows.

Inspiration from folk stories

Folk stories all over the world are ripe with colorful characters and each country; each native place has popular demons and villains. The Hound of the Baskerville is pretty popular with the players. People may even impersonate villainous kings who actually ruled a few centuries ago. Since we all have heard folk stories from childhood, they have an indelible impression on us.

Vampires and werewolves are other ideas people like to try. While it is decidedly easy to pucker up as a vampire, assuming the look of a werewolf and making it look convincing is an art. People even take pains in approaching prosthetics experts to grace a look which melts well with the occasion.

Pirates influence a lot

jack sparrowJack Sparrow of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series has many people while they think of Halloween costumes. The dress is simple, with a conical cap and the Depp-goatee. Those who can act a bit, even try to imitate the glorious gait of the famous pirate. Talking of pirates, Jolly Rogers has always been a sensation, appearing with the skull and two bones flag. Long John Silver of Treasure Island fame is also an interesting and working idea.

Experts come into play

If people can create brilliance of imagery and graphics and make it real, two characters that can steal the show are the Headless Horseman and Edward Scissorhands. Linda Blair, the ghostly kid of popular movie ‘Exorcist is another piece of magic. The experts add to the visage with just a stark brush, play on lips and eyes and other additions.

Kids, of course, suffused by their innocence, won’t look convincing if they assume a dark villain. Their popular impersonations are Ninja Turtles and the cute if cunning wolf of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story. There are in fact many animals one can impersonate.

Corresponding with autumn season

The Halloween time corresponds with the midst of the autumn season. The falling leaves and a feeling of dullness connect well with the dreary and dark atmosphere created at Halloween parties. Innovations like baying of wolves (courtesy a Sound system) or the flow of frantic breezes further peps up the scene. Halloween costumes just pep up the scenery a bit.