The Ins and Outs of Costumes in Australia

Australia may be geographically ‘Down Under’ but you cannot but admit the country has got style when it comes to fashion. It flitters across the laidback and outgoing; austere to casual without missing a trick. Thus, you won’t be short of options regarding costumes Australia whenever you happen to visit this amazing island. Fancy dress costumes, 1920s costumes or 80s costumes are all in trends and regularly worn on parties.

Comfort quotient

The island nation loves its comfort quotient and you will find both men and women frequently in vests and shorts. Knickers, chinos, cargoes, drawstring pants, you name it, you get it. Jeans is a ubiquitous favorite and denim is in, whether you contemplate shorts or shirts. The breathability aspect is never ignored, as the weather in most Australian states may be hot and humid during winters.

Casual is the key

Unlike the more conservative British Isles, people stick to formals in Australia when the situation severely demands so. Those who can afford to choose clothes from the creations by designers such as Peter Alexander and Zara Bates. Of course, the love and charm of YSL, Versace and Armani is nowhere lost here.

Men’s clothing for parties

Tuxedoes and tweed suits are ever in fashion. The white shirt rocks, ensconced in a raving black suit, whether double-breasted or open at the fringes. Innovative people may try jackets over plain white tees and Fedora hats. Certain parties have dress codes, precluding collarless shirts and Jeans. Of course, when the party has a relaxed dress code, people like to play ease in Jeans and tees, or linen shirts worn over simple trousers.

Women’s clothing for parties

costumes australiaLike everybody else, women have greater leeway when it comes to dressing up. They can choose between separates, gowns and maxis for formals and sundresses for Spring parties. They can even try out the little black dress, which doubles up as both causal and formal fare. The dresses may be flared, frilled, sequined, pleated and may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. There may be interplay of beads, fringes or laces at the neckline. They may even try out floral motifs or embroidered mottos on the Australian costumes. Yes, there is lot of space for innovation when women wear separates. They team their dresses with brooches, clutches and sandals, moccasins or pumps for footwear.

The play with colors

Both men and women wear colors that suit their style. The introvert types may stick to nudes and muted colors like beige, peach and off-white. They play the game in a demure fashion, not trying to stand out by being too awkward or two flashy. The outgoing people, meanwhile, have their date with vibrancy and a lot of that. Their dresses may be stark red, turquoise blue or in any imposing color theme. They may even choose a medley of colors, both mute and brash, to make a statement with Costumes Australia.

They may add a dash of vinegar to it through broad red belts, elegant sashes or just a fetching scarf. They may streak their hair in a funky way to find roving eyes, when it is a casual party. The logic is to paint the town red, and not just with sherry.