The varying formal costumes of the world

‘A wood, some food and singlehood’ was all that ancient hermits required for living. However, general life had one more requirement: clothes. At first, clothes had a sole purpose – protection of the body from Sun and wind. Gradually, the element of fashion introduced itself and ever since, clothes have stood up as a marker of status and an oracle to differentiate the rich from poor.

What inspires costumes?

black gatsby 1920s costumesCostumes are derived from the local flavor, weather necessities and the running trends sported by models and movie stars. While informal clothes keep changing every season, formal clothes only undergo a minor alteration. Every state and country has its own taste for clothes, even though the western influence dominates the world over. The Arab world and people of Mongolian descent have largely remained untouched by others, as regards their costumes.

Party dresses for men

It depends on the kind of party. For casual parties, men like to don casual wear with an element of flash. Colorful shirts worn over simple trousers or just a tee enclosed in a jacket does it for them. Their denims may be torn or shirts may be frayed; sleeves rolled up or not. However, when it comes to formal clothes, double-breasted suits are still the norm. Stripes are passé but men may take to branded shirts under a blazer or even tweed suits. The puritans still have a fascination with the bow tie. Trousers generally taper down, being bucked by a thin belt. The socks need to be matched with the color of pants and not with color of shoes.

Party dresses for women

Needless to say, women have a greater array of choices when it comes to formal clothes. Maxi dresses have ever been a favorite with them, conjured in definitive layers and textures. The bust line is generally sedated or bandaged through frills and other methods. Another favorite is gowns, coming in all sizes. From flowing gowns to austere ones; from sashes to just a miniscule fastener, these pieces thrill. Then there are separates, with the upper and lower parts either contrasting or matching each other. The skirt may reach up to knees or end up slightly over. Brooches add the necessary flair to these separates. Footwear may vary from sandals to pumps and stilettos (for relatively short ladies); either open or close-ended.

female costumes

Some other ideas

Cocktail dresses are quite popular among the rich and beautiful. These have a subtle mix of colors, mute or flashy and generally have asymmetrical edges and are best accompanied by a shrug. Sequins, scarves and fishnets act as credible props. The appearance of anklets, wristbands and nose studs infuse a dimension into the look.

Women can of course spruce the look with a ravishing hairstyle (updo, braids or even a side-sweep). They can go for minimal jewelry or add more bling to gain attention of riveting eyes. And yes, nothing beats the look if it is assisted by a stunning clutch. Of course, stunning beauties can carry any style and make their own.

Clothes borne out of necessity

There are some clothes which appear out of local flavors, the idea prevalent in the Eastern Hemisphere (India loves its saris and China its kimonos). Scandinavian nations, known to suffer intense chill during most months, utilise wool and velvet with authority. You will find people dressed in fur-lined coats on most days. Greatcoats are a great idea to choke the chill with style. Halloween costumes are created to celebrate the famous Halloween day on 31st of October.

Global fashion weeks keep redefining the trends for what you should wear this summer and winter. Fashion-centric people keep an eye on the evolution and love to imitate the trends.